Artificial Intelligence For Smart Marketing

AI helps marketers make smarter decisions about their audience, channels, content, and timing of messaging across the lifecycle so they can create a compelling, connected consumer experience while driving efficiency. Marketers using AI, 64% saw substantial increases in their overall marketing efficiency.

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Artificial Intelligence in World of Finance

Almost every company in the financial technology sector has already started using AI to save time, reduce costs, and add value. storing and accessing financial information combined with the maturation of tech capabilities are all in place to accelerate the digital transformation of accounting and finance. Actually, when machines take over repetitive, time-consuming and redundant tasks, it will free human finance professionals to do higher level and more lucrative analysis.

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Now and Future of Analytics, AI, and Automation

Rapid technological advances in digitization and data and analytics have been reshaping the business landscape, supercharging performance, and enabling the emergence of new business innovations and new forms of competition.

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Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Financial Fraud Detection

Fraud has long been a major issue for financial services institutions. And as global transactions have increased, the danger has too. Fortunately, artificial intelligence has enormous potential to reduce financial fraud. As automated fraud detection tools get smarter and machine learning becomes more powerful, the outlook should improve exponentially. Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Financial Fraud Detection”


AI-Based Tools in Social Media Marketing

With the vast amounts of unstructured social data, the myriad of social media influencers and the growing number of requests for service via social channels, marketers can often get overwhelmed. B2B marketers have a seemingly endless array of tools and platforms to play with on the way to understanding prospects and generating leads. Continue reading “AI-Based Tools in Social Media Marketing”


Artificial intelligence and consumer behavior

Artificial Intelligence and consumer behavior are a partnership that we are going to see much more of in the coming months and years ahead. That’s because our shopping behavior is highly individual and complex. Getting to grips with it takes businesses a good deal of time, effort and money.

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AI Is Changing The Finance Industry

as prediction gets cheaper and better, machines are going to be doing more of it. That means businesses — and individual workers — need to figure out how to take advantage of the technology to stay competitive. This can affect the way you bank, invest, receive loans and prevent financial crimes.

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